Welcome To Sumire Kids

Sumire Kids Kindergarten        

Established in 1998, SUMIRE KID'S Education is an International Preschool and Kindergarten School. It all started as a Piano school, in which until now, teaching piano lessons is one of their main offers. Children are divided according to their age bracket; we have three courses in Preschool and three levels in Kindergarten. We believe that separating kids according to their age brackets help them grow in a homogeneous manner without confusions. We evaluate kids not only their knowledge in speaking English but the aspect of how they make English as part of their known culture and growth. We give three evaluations both in written and in oral form. Progress reports are also given every trimester for the parents or children's guardian to know their performance or capability at school and their behavior towards others.

           We focus various kinds of subject matters namely; Language Writing and Reading, Mathematics, Science and Health, Music, Arts and Physical Education for kids at their ages. In these subjects, teaching techniques are always accompanied by action songs, finger plays and nursery rhymes with the use of different kinds of visual aids and learning materials assuring the presence of fun and enjoyment. We also see to it that children can define their thoughts through arts, crafts and representations out of some recycled materials.

           SUMIRE KID'S  always finds a way to let the kids learn with fun through educational and instructive toys and games in which children can express themselves and enjoy their childhood as they are about to broaden their minds for the next level of their growth. Our school is also equipped with high-tech facilities to secure the safety of your kids. We have video cameras placed in each classroom that enables us to review the previous happenings as well. We do regular safety drills to ensure the alertness of everyone in school.

           We also explore and have some exciting activities not only within the school premises but also to some other educational places exposing the mentality of the children to the changing world. We go to the park once a month, celebrate Japanese and Western festivals like, Tanabatakai, Halloween, Christmas, and more.